From the recording My Music

                   I wrote this song as a 911 dedication.
The song idea came to me one morning as I was walking
to go into Walmart.
I heard church bells ringing in a distance and
it reminded me of 911 and all the pain/suffering those people and their
loved ones were going through.
I felt they should always be remembered and never be forgotten
in our memories.  


                                             (911) In Their Memory          
Written by: Helen DeBaker-Vorce                                                     Copyright 2003
In a distance today I heard the church bells ringing
And it brought back alot a lot of feelings inside of me
I remembered that day in September, where alot of people died unnecessarily.
I've never been to the site of the tradgedy.
And not one person there I've ever known.
But when I remembered that day in september.
My heart felt the words to write this song.
Chorus:       In their memory.
            Keep them in our memories.
             And all the lives sacrificed.
                   In their Memory
            Keep them in our memories.
  For they were chosen to die without a choice
It was a early, It was a sunny Tuesday morning.
Folks in flights, already flying friendly skies.
Men on board who call themselves believers.
For their faith took each and ever life.
Now I've heard about the bravery in New York City.
And how lives were saves from ashes and debri.
And I know that day in September, will always be a part of history