1. I'LL BE

From the recording I'LL BE

This song is a collaboration with "Lyrical Princess" Linda Fry, Singer/songwriter, Helen DeBacker(DeBaker)Vorce, Producer/Musician, Phil Vorce.
Linda Fry:(Lyrical Princess) Lyrics
Helen DeBacker(DeBaker)Vorce: Melody Phil Vorce :Arrangement and production.


                                                                                                I'll Be                                                
                                                                                                                     Lyrics by: Lyrical Princess(Linda Fry)                              
                                                                                                                     Melody & Arrangement: Helen DeBaker-Vorce 
I'll be the bitterness, I'll be the bitterness                                       (BMI)
I'll be the bitterness i n your kiss
When your heart is filled with bliss
I'll be the thought in your mind
When she leaving you behind
The memories that we shared 
When it was clear you really care
Have all been swept away
Like the brightness of my day
I'll be the aching, baby, I'll be the aching in your heart
I'll be the ache in your heart in your heart
When she rippin' yours apart
I'll be watchin' you when you fall
When you could of had it all
I remember way back when
Counting minutes to see you again
The love we shared was real
Ohhh, the way you made me feel
Lead guitar:
I'll be that left hand turn, I'll be that left hand 
I'll be that left hand turn, When you finally crash  and burn
I'll be the angel in the sky
When you just break down and cry
When your heart is ripped into
Just remember who love you
The day will come when you'll regret
My love for you I won't forget
I'll be the bitterness in your kiss
I'll be the ache in your heart
I'll be that left hand turn
I'll be, Baby,  oooh ,  I'll be