From the recording "HEART ON FIRE"

I wrote this song for Valentines day for my husband, Phil
He is the lead guitar player on this song.


"Heart on Fire"
Written by: Helen DeBaker(DeBacker) Vorce
Copyright 2011
 Don't know how you did it to me
I'll never figure it out
The whole thing is a mystery
You lit me up and now
Chorus: Heart on fire, That's burnin' hot for you
         Heart on fire, There's nothing I can do
        Heart on fire, A fire that you ignite
         Heart on fire, Every single day and night
Refrain: Arrows with flames, Shoot me down helplessly
         I'm feeling the blazes of love
I'm walkin' round and I can't believe
What did you do to this girl
What kind of secret potion recipe
Exploded every part of my world
Repeat Chorus: