"Love Hurts"


                       YOU'RE GONNA HURT ME AGAIN"
Written by: Helen DeBacker(DeBaker) Vorce
Copyright 2003
He said Honey, Please come back
I know I was wrong for all the things I said
You know we gotta stick together
So much going on, Think about the kids
But I know, I know what your gonna do
You build me up, To put me down
Take my world, Turn it around
Break my heart, I fall apart
Say your sorry, Another story
When you say, Come on stay
But I know, How it goes
No use tryin', Your just lyin"
It won't end and your gonna hurt me again
And I said, Wish I could forget
Bring on all those feelings back when we first met
Lately, I've been changin', Tired of hangin' on
to a love thats always gone
But, I know, Iknow what your gonna do
Repeat chorus: