Oh, How I Need Your Lovin'
Written by: Helen DeBacker(DeBaker) Vorce
Copyright 2003
Wake up it's mornin' , take a shower, then I comb my hair
Make breakfast for my family, I'm here, but not all there
I'm doin all the things there expectin' me to do
I'm walkin', talkin' everday, but I wanna be with you
OH--How I want your lovin'
My thinkin' says it's wrong, but try convince my heart
OH--How I want your lovin'
You or him, Tryin' to choose id tearin' me apart
Days go by and nights I cry just yearnin' for your touch
Still I pretend it's not the end and give him all my love
I've never been so down and out, Not knowin' what to do
Lord, Help me please,To stop and see, Leave some kind of a clue