From the recordings It Won't Be Long Now and It Won't Be Long Now


                              "It Won't Be Long Now"
Written by: Helen DeBacker(DeBaker) Vorce
Copyright 2003
I hear mom and daddy talkin' still up here in my brain
Girl do good, as you should and all will come your way
Do your best and don't forget to work hard everyday
Sooner or later, God, He'll be lookin', just you have the faith
Hold on, There will be blue skies
Don't be discouraged your day will come
Won't be long now, You'll see sunshine
The man upstairs is lookin' and he won't forget no one
I heard mom and daddy talkin' and I learned their point of view
Don' cheat, Don't lie, Don't criticize, i't'll all come back on you
Be yourself and soon you'll tell if your honest, kind and true
If you try, You'll recognize, worth is what you choose