Heart on Fire

Helen DeBaker-Vorce

One's heart burning fiery hot and falling deep into the mysteries of love.

This is a song I wrote for my husband, Phil, for Valentines day. The title, Heart on Fire" came to mind and I just put my deepest feelings into play, writing the lyrics and melody to complete the song, which took maybe a half an hour. I actually wrote the song some time ago. In that time, I've had many positive reviews from friends and family nudging me to present it to a larger audience. With Valentines day almost here again, I am taking their advice. I sincerely hope you like my "Valentine's song " creation !

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I Love It at Christmas Time (Recorded Version)

Helen Debaker-Vorce

A song about the beauty and glory of, " Christmas" .

I was driving back to my home in the country one snowy night in Michigan, after shopping for gifts in the city. The snow was drifting and blowing across the fields, land and roads, but the beautiful Christmas colored lights of blue, red and green sparkled through the darkness lighting up the homes I passed by. It was so beautiful ! That wonderful ride is what gave me the inspiration to write this song .

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Am I Truly Country?

Helen Debaker-Vorce

This is a upbeat melody I wrote about what I do to escape from the ups and downs of life, that to me means going out into the "Country" . Am I truly Country? Yes, I truly am.

This is an upbeat country melody I wrote about what I do to help get through the ups and downs of what life throws my way. The best escape I found for myself is to get out into the country, out into the woodlands, smell the fresh air of the Fields, Flowers and Trees. Feel the world so precious around me, this is what helps me get focused and back on track. "Am I truly Country"? Yes! I truly am!

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This Old Farms Gone to Pot

Helen Debaker-Vorce

This is a funny raw cut country tune for around a campfire with all your friends to sing along to !

This is a funny raw cut tune about Marijuana on the farm!

This song I wrote about growing Marijuana to save the family farm. I wrote it in the year 1980 and my friends said I should put some music to it. My husband, Phil, did just that and I thought he did a great job ! It is raw home recording, no fancy expensive studio demo, but we had a heck of a great time putting it together, Not to mention a lot of laughter. The music and melody is fun and entertaining, as are the lyrics.

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I Love It At Christmas Time

Helen Debaker-Vorce

" I Love it at Christmas Time" is a song I wrote about the beauty and love of the Christmas season!

This is a song I wrote because I love the Christmas season! Christmas is so amazing! Fill up your hearts and minds with the wonderful seasons glory and extravagance. Take this all inside yourselve and than give back all those spectacular feelings to each and every person you meet!

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My Music

Helen DeBaker

Country Ballads, Easy Listening country

My Name is Helen DeBacker-Vorce aka Helen DeBaker/ Helen DeBaker-Vorce. I have been writing songs since I was 13 years old. My dream has always been to be a very sucessful singer-Songwriter. Now, so many years later, I have finally completed an album of all my own music. I wanted the best professionals in country music to back-up "My Music". To me, that was Nashville, Tenn.. It took over 2 years, alot of hard work and coordination between two recording studio's, because I lived so far away. They were Panda Production's in Hendersonville, Tenn & North Star Studio, Marquette, Mich.. I had recorded my last 3 songs on the album in Nashville 12 years ago, this was the sound I was looking for. When I wrote the 911 song, "In Their Memory" in 2002 and The song' "Away From Home Soldiers" I just knew I had to get serious and finish what I started long ago. In July 2004 I signed a contract with Wunder Publishing located in Stephenville, Texas. The site called Wunder Sound can be seen at "Wundersound.com." publishers name is "Kevin Pugh". I am very proud of this CD and I hope alot of folks enjoy it. This is an update on my status as of 9/25/06. In 2005 I moved to Gaylord, Michigan and I now perform with three groups: " White Lightning"," Center Stage", & The American Music Company Band", All located in Mid-Michigan. I recently did a vocal duet with Country Music Star David Frizzel, singing the parts of the songs originally done by Shelly West. The show was at the Valley Plaza in Midland, Mich.. Also on 9/29/06, The group I am in called " Center Stage" was the opening act before the new Country Music group " HeartLand" playing on the mainstage at " Streeters", a very hot club in Traverse City, Michigan. The "HeartLand" group was promoting their new hit single, "I Loved Her First". It was very exciting! The three groups keep me busy entertaining and rehearsing new material. As of 1/17/08 I am working with 3 groups. White Lighting, American Music Company Band and "Center Stage". I will be on stage with the Country Music Star, David Frizzel May 19, 2008 in Wolverine, Michigan , Singing the duet parts of Country Music Artist, Shelly West. My group, "Center Stage" is also on the road with the great entertainers out of Branson, " Ronnie Prophet and his wife,Glory Ann. I am waiting on bookings to be confirmed on our gigs at The Casino's we are now involved with and will pass that information along to you all when I get it. Thank-You all for your support and hope you enjoy " MY MUSIC " CD. Hi everyone! 2008 has been a busy year. Again, this year I had the pleasure of working with, Country Music Star, "David Frizzel" and The fabulous entertainer, "Ronnie Prophet" and his wife "Glory Ann". What wonderful people. I am so thankful for these precious opportunities. Thank-you all for your support! I am happy to be working at what I love most to do, Music and seeing my fans. God Bless all of you! A note to all my fans & Friends. May 2009, My Band "CenterStage" and I were on tour with "Ronnie Prophet" and his wife, "Glory Ann" along with fabulous Singer & Songwriter,"Candi Carpenter" and her husband, Great Singer & Songwriter "Bobby Tomberlin" out of Nashville. This year is already off to a exciting start.

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