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Set 1:

1.) Seven Year Ache(C)

2.) Sud's In The Bucket(A)

3.) Boot Scootin' Boogie(E)

4.) Your Man(E)

5.) Pick Me Up On Your Way Down(C)

6.) Truck Driving Man(E)

7.)Redneck Girl(E)

8.)Girl Crush(C)

9.) Be My Baby Tonight(A)

10.)Head Carolina(D)

12.) Chattahoogie(C)

13.) Don't Rush (C# starts in F#major)


15.) Margarittaville(D)

16.) It's a Heartace(C)

17.) Rocky Top(A)

18.) Poontoon(A)

19.) Mama Tried(D)

20.) Born to Boogie(B)

Set 2:

1.)Whose Bed Have Your Boots (BbmodC)

2.) Piece of my Heart(C)

3.) If You've Got leaving on your Mind(F)outro:F Eb B

4.) Wagon Wheel(G)

5.) Before He Cheats(F#m)

6.) Working Man Blues(A)

7.) One Night at a Time(E)

8.)Already Gone(AmodD)

9.)Looking For Love(D)

10.) Two More Bottles of Wine(D)

11.) Some Beach(C)

12.) Gentle on my Mind(B)

13.) Folsom Prison(E)

14.)Jailhouse Rock(D)

15.) Amarillo(DmodE)

17.) I've Been Everywhere(E)

18.) Better Man(E)

19.) Guitars Cadillac's(B)

20.) Swinging Door(B)

Set 3:

1.) Johnny B Goode(A)

2.) Proud Mary(D)

3.) Stand By Me(E)

4.)Green River(E)


6.) Mama Don't Dance(C)

7.)Hurts so Good(A)

8.) Sweet Home Alabama(D)

9.)Rhiannon(Am F G)

10.)Brown Eye'd Girl(F#)

11.)Mustagne sally(C)

12.)Under The Boardwalk(A)

13.)Wonderful Tonight(E)

14.)My Girl(GmodA)

15.) Dreams(F G Am)

16.)Brown eye'd Girl(F#)

17.)Sweet Home Chicago(E)

18.) Seminole Wind

19.) Mama Don't Dance

Set 4:

1.) Mama's Broken Heart(Em Bm)

2.) Wine Me UP(B)

3.) Memphis(E)

4.) Kansas City(A)

5.) He Stopped Loving Her Today(F#modG)

6.) New Kid in Town(GmodBb)

7.) Crazy(A)

8.) Wipe Out(C)

9.) Tulsa Time(A)Eric Clapton Style

10.) Thats The way Love Goes(C)

11.) When I Think about Cheating(G)


13.) Like we never loved at all(C)

14.) Neon Moon(G)


16.) Here For The Party(D)

17.) Heartaces by the number(E)

18.) Take me Home Country Roads(B)

19.) HereFor The Party(D)

20.) Looking For love(D)


1.) Away From Home Soldiers (Ab)

2.) When I Think About Cheatin' (G)

3.) Unchained Melody (C#)

4.) I Can't Make You Love Me If you Don't

5.) If You Don't Know Me By Know

6.) Silver Wings (D)

7.) That's The Way Love Goes(D)

8.) Down at The Twist and Shout ( C)

9.) Grandpa (E)

10.) Neon Moon (G)

12.) East Bound and Bound(G)

13.) Walk Don't Run (A)

14.) LaBamba (C)

15.) Sultans Of Swing

16.) Stop In The Name of Love

17.) Blue Kentucky Girl

18. ) Coal Miners Daughter (D)

19.) Eighteen Wheels

20.) I'll Be

21.) I Could Use A Quiet Day







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